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Boostertab Q & A


Has Boostertab been tested?

Yes. Boostertab has been tested by the head of an Automotive Authority as BIONAS Booster Tablet. This and the Liquid equivalent, for drop-in, into Tanks and High volume application are officially registered with the E.P.A. (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

How does the Boostertab work?

Boostertab employs Nano-Emulsion and Polarization Technology to burn the fuel you buy more efficiently, to give users more mileage, better drive, and cleaner emission into the environment.

Where can I buy Boostertab?

In the U.S. you can purchase Boostertab from your Fuel Saver distributors, and the Internet, paying with PayPal

What is the shelf life of the Boostertab?

If stored away from direct sunlight, in an airtight container, Boostertab are good for three-four years.

Does Boostertab usage guarantee that my car will pass emissions test?

No, Boostertab will not fix all the problems contributing to the emission issues of your car. However, Boostertab will help reduce the level of particulates emitted by your car.

How many of the Boostertab do I need for my car?

Depending on the size of your gas tank; one tablet for every 50 liters (13.2 gallons), two tablets for 100 liters (26.4) and 11 tablets for 150 gallons. For optimum performance use the Boostertab with every fuel tank fill up.

How do I get the Boostertab into my gas tank?

Remove the gas cap and placed Boostertab (one tablet for each 14 gallons) directly into the fuel tank by placing it into the trap where you insert the nozzle of the pump, the Boostertab will drop down into the gas tank as you push the nozzle down.

What should one expect by using the Boostertab?

You will notice increase in the efficiency of your car's use of fuel. This will increase noticeably with additional full-tank of fuel treated with appropriate number of tablets as recommended. However, noticeable improvement could take three to four full-tanks (fill- ups) of using Boostertab, before steady savings dependent on the way/manner of driving. Average Gas Saving: -Local Street: 10-20%; Highway: 20-30%.

I use diesel fuel will the Boostertab work for diesel fuel?

Yes, Boostertab works with all types of fuel.

Do you have Boostertab for high volume applications?

Yes, we have the liquid equivalent for large scale applications. This is part of our Drop-in application for Ships, Power generating Plants, Boilers etc.